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Moment Movement Change

Submitted by Michael Birnberg

Client: The City of Palm Springs

Location: Palm Springs, CA, United States

Completion date: 2019

Artwork budget: $13,500

Project Team


Michael Birnberg

Commissioning Organization

The City of Palm Springs


Philosophical public art commissioned by the City of Palm Springs to represent the process of change. This piece serves to reflect changes occurring in the community as a form of internal community catharsis, and for visitors as an introspective reflection. The piece is 5’x11’x1/4″ powder coated steel.


The project was a public art commission, privately requested, by the city of Palm Springs. The only conceptual guidance was to represent the "Change" occurring in the city. I accomplished the city's goal, and my own, by combining the concept of change, with a deeper philosophical review of the fundamental process of change and an even more opaque critique on the existence of change as a human construct.


I worked directly with the city Public Arts Commission and several of the city agencies that had stake in the project and install site.

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