Mindfulness Labyrinth - CODAworx

Mindfulness Labyrinth

Submitted by Jason Watts

Client: North School Elementary

Location: Villa Park, IL, United States

Artwork budget: $5,060

Project Team


Jason Watts

Watts Studios LLC


Envisioned as a place of calm for active elementary school students, the Mindfulness Garden Labyrinth was designed by Jason Watts using the North School elementary kids artwork. The resulting labyrinth uses the kids drawings of butterflies, birds, koi fish and flowers to create a dynamic design that the students can walk through. Labyrinth designs have been shown to have a calming effect as the mind follows the path through the courtyard of the school.


Design a labyrinth for the courtyard of North School Elementary using the art class students artwork.


Working with the art teacher, principal and local YMCA board, the process involved several rounds of design and presentations to achieve the final solution. Using an opaque concrete stain with a finish coat, the painting is both durable and colorful.