Milling Around - CODAworx

Milling Around

Submitted by Heidi Lippman

Client: City of Clinton, NC

Location: Clinton, United States

Completion date: 2012

Artwork budget: $150,000


Milling Around, the permanent 8 x 26’ curved glass free standing installation utilizes the early gristmill which established the town of Clinton in the 1700’s as metaphor for Clinton’s community. The millstones with their inference of cooperation, hard work, the land and productivity became a natural motif for this unusually synergistic and dynamic town. The glass expression contains opaque, translucent and transparent areas allowing a subtle play with light responsive to time of day and seasons. Masterfully interpreted by the fabricators of Mayer of Munich the ceramic melting colors are screen-printed, hand painted and fired into the glass.


This public installation became a central focus in the rehabilitation of Clinton's central core by suggesting a transformation of the rural towns centers' parking lot for green space. The five acre lot location is in the heart of the city surrounded by offices, businesses, and the County Courthouse. At the central crossroads stands the curved glass wall reflects the towns heritage and diversity. Focusing interest in such a high-profile location is intended to increase pedestrian traffic and drive economic and community development in the downtown area. The placement provides pedestrians and drivers alike views from the downtown central corridor and the major traffic light crossroad. Milling Around the free standing glass public art project is an essential component of the larger downtown revitalization project. Recognized by the NEA as worthy of it's Our Town Grant Award as well as North Carolina Arts Council Grant.


Open lines of communication between all parties from inception to completion allowed for an exceptional, unique and thoroughly rewarding installation.