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Water, Climate Change & Communities

Client: Arts Connection Foundation

Location: Miami, FL, United States

Completion date: 2018

Project Team


Cheryl Maeder

Cheryl Maeder Photography, Inc.


Andreina Fuentes, Founder & Curator

Arts Connection Foundation & Miami New Media Festival


Adriana Barrios, Director

Miami New Media Festival


Marcelo Llobel, Director


Mary Tidy-Coyle, Editor


Cheryl Maeder was selected to showcase three of her video installatons: I Am Climate Change, Submerge & La Mer for Miami New Media, Multimedia Global Public Art Platform created by Arts Connection Foundation. The curated thesis for 2018 is Water, Heritage & Climate Change. Various Events & Exhibitions were held in Miami, Aruba, Bogota, Caracas, Santa Domingo, Valencia & Rome, including the Museum Of Contemporary Art, Rome, Italy. As well as showcasing her films, Cheryl Maeder participated on artist panels discussing Water, Climate Change & Communities,


• Reconnect people with essential elements of the environment while raising awareness on climate change through visual arts.
• Promote emerging art through an open call focused on new technologies and interactive narratives.
• Encourage public participation, especially multimedia artists and art students in the fields of audiovisual art, Internet art, interactive art, and digital new media art, and fill conventional and nonconventional spaces of the cities with video art and interactive narratives.


As a contributing video installation artist, I have created three separate films on the topic of Water, Climate Change & Communities. The films are about our Connection to ourselves, each other & the environment. I collaborated with the team at Miami New Media, Arts Connection Foundation, as well as, participated in panel discussions on Water, Climate Change & Communities at the events & exhibitions.