Metro Gold Line Foothill Extension - CODAworx

Metro Gold Line Foothill Extension

Submitted by Lesley Elwood

Client: Foothill Construction Authority

Location: Monrovia, CA, United States

Completion date: 2015

Artwork budget: $1,258,000

Project Team

Art Consultant

Lesley Elwood

Public Art Program Manager


Michael Davis

Arcadia Station Artist


Cha Rie Tang

Monrovia Station Artist


Andrea Myklebust

Duarte Station Artist


Stanton Sears

Irwindale Station Artist


Jose Antonio Aguirre

Azusa Downtown Station Artist


Lynn Goodpasture

APU Colleges Station Artist


Tanya Patsaouras

Station Environment Coordinator


Roland Genick


Industry Resource

Damien Jackson



The Foothill Gold Line extension is a $1.6 billion project designed to connect Pasadena to Montclair in two construction segments. This first segment between Pasadena and Azusa totals nearly $1. billion dollars and is funded by Los Angeles County’s Measure R. The 11.5-mile segment begins with the Gold Line Bridge and includes the following stations: Arcadia, Monrovia, Duarte, Irwindale, Azusa Downtown, and APU Citrus College. The Construction Authority was also charged with building a state of the art Operations Campus located between the Monrovia and Duarte stations.


Our general goal is to provide a quality well designed amenity to the community once the project is complete. We see the station artwork as a visual overlay to the standard station elements to make these spaces reflect the diverse personalities of these new destinations along the alignment. This objective is critical and we ask the artist’s to work closely with the architects, engineers and builders to achieve this goal.


Our process for the collaboration begins in the way the artist is selected for the commission. Each City is asked to develop a Station Design and Art Review Committee. This group provides all the initial review and selects the final short-list and then finalist for the commission. As part of developing materials for the SDAR committee, the artist will meet with staff to review standard station plans so they may integrate their artwork into the station and the station environment. The staff includes various design professionals for the project. Each artist develops a preliminary and then an advanced design concept prior to the selection of a design/build team. For the Pasadena to Azusa phase of construction, the artist was put on to the design/build team to complete the design to 100%. They continue as a sub-contractor under the design build team during the duration of the project.

Additional Information

Our project has enjoyed tremendous support from the community. During this summer we have hosted public dedications for each station. Although this phase of the project will not be open to the public until 2016, we consistently hear how much the public appreciates the overall design of the project and it’s reflection of their own aesthetic values. Three of the city stakeholders along the alignment have commissioned their artist for additional artworks that are in public spaces adjacent to the stations. That willingness to provide extra funds is a testament to these artists’ creativity and quality of work.