Metaface - CODAworx


Submitted by Pierre Riche Art

Client: City of San Francisco

Location: San Francisco, CA, United States

Completion date: 2009

Artwork budget: $24,000

Project Team


Pierre Riche

Pierre Riche Art

Public Art Agent

City of San Francisco


The “Metaface” project is a welded metal sculpture intended to act as a mini theater. A dancer or movement performer dances inside the mask. backlights projected a shadow on resin panels that were inlaid inside the face while video projections covered the front. The dimensions are 8'H. x 7' W. x 5' D. It has a glossy white baked powder coating for bright video capture. This sculpture has gone on tour to festivals, shows, fairs, galleries, museums and events. It has also been showcased as a grounds sculpture.


This sculpture was designed and created to serve two functions. One was as A grounds sculpture and public art installation. The other was to incorporate performers and video projections to create a theatrical art experience. Both of which this piece has accomplished over the years since its execution.

Additional Information

This large face sculpture is the fifth one I have made. I plan to create more that incorporate plants, lighting, seating, water features, fire features. I have made one in stainless steel. I have plans to make some using bronze and copper.