McGivney Advanced Surgery Center - CODAworx

McGivney Advanced Surgery Center

Submitted by Michael Morgenstern

Client: Yale New Haven Health

Location: New Haven, CT, United States

Completion date: 2015

Artwork budget: $15,000

Project Team


Michael Morgenstern

Morgenstern Creative Arts, LLC

Art Consultant

Nancy Samotis

Art for Healing Environments LLC


This project called for three large, fine art prints working together as a triptych for the outer hallway of the new McGivney surgical center, an outpatient surgical center for musculoskeletal mobility and health. In addition, we needed two large prints for the walls leading from the waiting room. The images would be framed fine art prints, ranging in size from 40” x 40” to 64” x 40”.


The concept for the triptych was to follow a patient’s progress from the healing stage to normal activity.  The art would need to be colorful and uplifting, full of life and motion, and suggesting the idea of participation in a family activities. In addition, the characters would contain elements symbolizing working parts of the musculoskeletal system. The figures would be multicolored, and include men, women and children.


The process began with a selection of photographs of subjects engaged in different activities, which I collaged digitally into various tableaus. Once the concept was approved, I began painting with brightly colored textures and other elements and collaging digitally to compose and render the images in a compelling way. The process allowed for review by the art consultant, department head, and building committee at various stages of the work. I personally oversaw the production of the large, archival digital prints, created locally by my printer, who specializes in making large, archival giclees. The images were matted, framed, and mounted by Corporate Image, a company specializing in this service.