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Mary, Queen of Heaven

Client: St. Francis Hospital

Location: Tulsa, OK, United States

Completion date: 2018

Project Team

Liturgical Consultant

Robin Jensen

Notre Dame University


David Alan Clark


Mary Queen of Heaven, 10 foot tall heel to head, cast in bronze with a blue patina. This project took an empty space near a busy entry of a hospital campus and created a serene place for prayer and contemplation.


St. Francis Hospital wanted a sculpture of Mary to place near the entry to their busy maternity ward. They wanted a figure that was majestic yet full of empathy and compassion, to provide a quiet place for patients and their families to pray and rest.


We worked in concert with Skyline Art Services and their client, St. Francis Hospital and the hospital CEO, Mr. Henry, to create the Mary he had in mind. Several visits with sketches and small clay maquettes developed the final design. We also created the enclosing space with benches and the Hail Mary prayer to aid visitors in their devotion. Lighting the space so that it functioned as well at night as during the day was very important.

Additional Information

Unified Fine Arts did the installation perfectly, and Jill Klores of Essential Light Design Studio provided lighting design. Dr. Robin Jensen of Notre Dame University provided liturgical advice.