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Marquee hotel Bar Lounge wall art mosaic

Submitted by Anaposada Mosaico

Client: Marquee Hotel Medellin

Location: Medellin, Colombi

Completion date: 2021

Artwork budget: $5,000

Project Team


Ricardo Vargas

Lleras Holding SAS


Marcela Velez

Lleras Holding SAS


Wall art mosaic made for Bar lounge hotel. Located in Medellin Colombia the mosaic has a mix of materials to be forming abstract design os many waves and different colors inspired from a rocky area in Croatia surrounded with water. Size 86 x 51 inches. The mosaico is installed behind the wood shelves made to place the liquor bottles, Each shelve has been laminated to let the mosaic stand out.


Arquitects wanted to have an eclectic design having diferente natural materials exposed an also among furniture an all decoration have the same neutral brown, cooper and grey tones, so the mosaic will be the show of colors.