Lutheran Campus Lobby - CODAworx

Lutheran Campus Lobby

Submitted by Bonny Hawley

Client: Merlino Designs

Location: Chicago, IL, United States

Completion date: 2014

Artwork budget: $8,000

Project Team


Bonny Hawley

Bonny Hawley Enterprises

Interior Designer

Sam Merlino

Merlino Designs

Interior Designer

Kimberly Merlino

Merlino Designs


Lobby of Lutheran Campus Health Care Facility in Arlington Heights Chicago. Artist designed two large scale acrylic mixed media pieces to flow together on a curved wall. Pieces were each 40" by 8ft long and hung like a tapestry on rods. Wall had a slight curve. Artist has worked with designer on many other projects. Name of the piece is "Life Force", about the flow of nature and life. Colors were chosen to go with the decor and feeling of the room.


Designer wanted to fill the large curved wall with a dynamic large scale piece that hung like a tapestry. The two panels are acrylic mixed media and hang like tapestries. Pieces roll on a tube for easy shipping.


Designers and Artist worked together long distance thru sketches and emails to come up with the final designs and colors. A board had to approve the artwork before it could be started. Artist kept design team up to date on all stages of the artwork till completion. The designers and client had final say on the finished pieces.

Additional Information

I love to work large scale and this project was easy to do for me, it just flowed.