Submitted by Lee Calderon

Client: Loveland Public Library

Location: Loveland, CO, United States

Completion date: 2012

Project Team


Beth Gudmastaed

Loveland Public Library


Shelley Cox

Oz Architecture


The vision was to capture the spirit and story of Loveland, specifically speaking to the youth as the main mural was to live on the primary wall within the Teen department of the library. I set off to create a narrative landscape that would capture the pride, life and story that its inhabitants could resonate with, while embodying a youthful energy. Symbols, graphic elements, colors, patterns and typography were layered to bring life to the story. Then, my digital artwork was output directly onto various-sized, glass panels and floated away from the wall at varying distances, adding to the visual experience of the piece and of the space.


As part of the renovation of the Loveland Public Library, the integration of public art elements was crucial to draw attention to the new life for the library while celebrating the pride of place for the small town of Loveland.


The process grew from a collaboration between key stakeholders at the library and the architects at Oz Architecture. Knowing that the desire was to celebrate Loveland, I envisioned a visual story made up of key elements of the land, landmarks and lifestyle. I then set off to create the digital art at a scalable size for final output. The digital file was then output directly onto glass panels of different sizes and stood off the wall at varying distances.