Loop Weave Woven Wall Painting - CODAworx

Loop Weave Woven Wall Painting

Submitted by Cat Balco

Client: Deborah Berke Partners

Location: New Haven, CT, United States

Completion date: 2011

Artwork budget: $15,000

Project Team


Becker & Becker

Becker & Becker

Interior Designer

Caroline Wharton

Deborah Berke & Partners


Cat Balco


Loop Weave is a large painting in latex and acrylic that spans a long interior wall in the lobby of 360 State Street, a landmark residential tower constructed in 2010/11 and widely noted for its successful green design.


The lobby at 360 State Street functions both as a conduit through which residents and pedestrians flow enroute to businesses and dwellings and also as a discreet space in which community members can gather. Loop Weave's flowing woven design acknowledges the lobby's primary function as a place of transit; simultaneously, its bold patterning establishes the lobby as a unique and memorable architectural space.


Deborah Berke Partners commissioned New Haven based artist Cat Balco to create Loop Weave for Becker & Becker's building. Loop Weave's palette and design developed out of a series of meetings between all creative partners.