Looking Glass Fish in the Deep Hue Sea - CODAworx

Looking Glass Fish in the Deep Hue Sea

Submitted by Julie Hauritz

Client: Sunshine Coast Council

Location: Sunshine Coast, Australia

Completion date: 2018

Artwork budget: $30,000

Project Team

Art Consultant

Julie Hauritz

Sunshine Coast Council

Art Consultant

Grace Dewar

First Coat


George Rose




Looking Glass Fish in the Deep Hue Sea is Sunshine Coast's first augmented reality mural artwork, with an interactive animation layer visible to audiences through their smart device using the eyejack app, available as a free download for iPhone and android devices.


The work was developed with the specific goal of collaboration with eyejack creator and animation artist, Sutu and mural artist George Rose. The project brought to life the regions first interactive AR mural. The title of the work was inspired by Lewis Carroll's classic story book, Through the Looking Glass. The work features local native flowers and fish, specifically the Agassiz Glass fish and plays with the notion of the looking glass, as seen through the camera lens of the smart device. This contemporary twist of the looking glass allows visitors to be immersed amongst the animation as they imagine themselves in an alternative reality.


The project was initiated by the Creative Arts team of Sunshine Coast Council, working with First Coat's curator, Grace Dewar. The project was supported by council's Business Development team working with local business, Amici's Restaurant to allow us to install the new work on their premises. The process from concept and curation to installation and activation took about 12 months