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Look Up

Submitted by ET PROJECTS

Client: COLLABORATORS: Mt. San Antonio Gardens Retirement Community, Boys and Girls Clubs, Scripps College

Location: Claremont, CA, United States

Completion date: 2022

Artwork budget: $150,000

Project Team

Artistic Vision

Elizabeth Turk

Elizabeth Turk Studios

Head of Photography

Erik Thienes

Floating Lantern Production Co

Head of Choreography

Lara Wilson

The Assembly Dance Company Co


The idea of playing or freely gathering during a pandemic was impossible to conceive in 2020. Look Up dared to bring communities together safely to give them a new way of looking at themselves. And, as a result, they created a new lens through which the world saw them.


1. Isolation and fear being the challenge of 2020-2022, we approached nonprofit communities trying to bring generations together using a common platform of a creative artistic experience.
2. Bridging the gap in communication and physical interaction, multigenerational participation was essential to the vision of Look Up.
3. The event developed so individuals exchanged their stories when the totality of the kaleidoscopic and abstracted artworks were revealed. This was imperative as it underscored the commonalities and participants learned the significance of their movements from above, outside themselves, and as part of a greater whole.


1. Look Up required courage from every person who participated. Each individual was a vital pixel in the kaleidoscope that is Look Up. Venues were mapped in detail to ensure social distancing and safety. Volunteers rehearsed movements and interactive video conferencing was scheduled.
2. The foundation of Look Up was built by asking in advance; "What do you tell yourself when faced with adversity?". The responses were presented as a community haiku. In this period when we couldn't touch physically, intimate anonymous communication was started.
3. Working with local museums near the collaborator's locations enabled communities to share the experience, taking ownership of the artifacts produced (video, photographs, testimonials).

Additional Information

In this world where we are often together yet isolated and fearful, the participant testimonials (see ETProjects.foundation Look Up) proved the power and magic that creativity can bring to community mental health.