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Living Well Fitness Center (TIAA)

Client: Living Well Fitness Center

Location: Charlotte, NC, United States

Completion date: 2021

Project Team

Designer / Artist

Erin Kinsey

Artisan Moss

General Contractor (client)

Luc Oriol

Warco Construction


A collaboration between Interior Architects, Artisan Moss and Warco Construction, This preserved moss and fern botanical art installation provided a pop of verdant green natural space in the space. Approximately 144″ wide X 60″ tall with preserved plant mixed media and feature lighting.


Introducing the viewer to an inspiring and vibrant green space inside a windowless area of the wellness center.


Client and Architect produced preferences with Artisan Moss using the stylebook. A design intent to confirm the installation's look was produced and approved. The piece was created.

Additional Information

Artisan Moss is pleased to have been incorporated into this commercial location.