LivenLuLu 50LLLA1 - CODAworx

LivenLuLu 50LLLA1

Submitted by VeroDalla Studio LLC

Client: Private collector

Location: New York, NY, United States

Completion date: 2019

Project Team



VeroDalla Studio, LLC


Claire Heudes


LivenLuLu is the first large version that stands three feet over its predecessors/generations . This work is the culmination of 30 years worth of studying humanity and its inhabitants. The turns and curves of the work are created with emotion as the medium. This connected/deeply introspective sculpture is to be meditative to the viewer.


This design is based on the LivenLuLu series I have created for the past decade. Using the movement as the medium of our emotions, emotions that define us, I work in a world in motion where I invite the individual to synchronize with his human side. I believe we compromise our real potential as human beings in a society where discrimination, in its all forms, destroys us.

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