Light Waves - CODAworx

Light Waves

Submitted by Sina Lightworks

Client: Children's Hospital Boston

Location: Boston, MA, United States

Completion date: 2003

Project Team


Alejandro Sina

Sina Lightworks


Moira Sina

Sina Lightworks


With this permanent installation in the main lobby, children and their families are greeted by 4 rows of gently curving lines of light measuring 16' x 10' x 6'. As visitors ascend the stairs, the lines appear to shift and change and only fully reveal themselves at the top. The installation continues with a path of colorful light sprouts illuminating the way towards the main elevators.


The project needed to be integrated into an existing structure with a large unused volume of space in a prominent location. Goals included using this volume fully, having minimal wiring or structure visible and keeping the installation colorful but not distracting. We were able to fully meet all of these by utilizing our unique single electrode design and carefully mixing colors to achieve the end result.


Our team handled the design and we worked closely with the facilities staff at Boston Childrens Hospital regarding the installation and electrical requirements. To make the process easier, we installed a version of the finished project in our studio so that everyone involved could address questions prior to installation.