"Light Spill" series - CODAworx

“Light Spill” series

Client: SL Gallery

Location: New York, NY, United States

Completion date: 2020

Project Team


Carol Salmanson

Salmanson Studio, LLC


Isaac Skelton


Raouf Sarwari

Artisan Design


Made of many layers, “Light Spills” are wall-mounted sculptures that fill their spaces with color whether their back lighting is on or off. When their environment has its own light “Light Spills” are playful, colorful geometric compositions that are almost carnivalesque. In dark spaces colored back lighting goes on and fills its space as it beams onto each reflective surface and the wall beyond. The emotional tenor of the room completely changes as the emanating light evokes a sense of contemplation.

The “Light Spill” series was made for the exhibition “On and Off and In-between” scheduled to open at SL Gallery in New York on March 25th, 2020, but was postponed due to the pandemic to a date to be determined.

LEDs, reflective sheeting, paint, plexi

Dimensions given in order of appearance:
Light Spill 3: 38inH x 38inW x 7.5inD
Light Spill 2: 44inH x 44inW x 6.625inD
Light Spill 4: 38inH x 38inW x 7.5inD
Light Spill 1: 26inH x 26inW x 6.75inD


All of these works were made for exhibition SL Gallery, in New York City, for the show "On and Off and In-between" that was scheduled to open on March 25th, 2020 but was canceled because of the pandemic. As of today, May 15th, 2021, the show has been postponed as the gallery has not yet re-opened.

These works have a pop sensibility in ambient light, which sharply contrasts with its ability to evoke magical mystical emotions.


Raouf Sarwari laser-cut all the pieces, and they were spray-painted in the studio. LEDs were added to the backs of the pieces, and gel filters were applied to give the light color. Then each piece was assembled.