Light Gate - CODAworx

Light Gate

Submitted by Harries Heder Collaborative

Client: Manhattan Beach, CA

Location: Manhattan Beach, CA, United States

Completion date: 2015

Artwork budget: $130,000

Project Team


Mags Harries


Lajos Héder


Light Gate focuses the view through an opening down 14th Street to the Pacific Ocean. The sun sets perfectly through it’s opening twice per year: January 27th and November 14th.


It is a place of constantly shifting light and view, more than a solid object.


It puts the visitor in the center of this important nexus. As you move around the sculpture, it shifts unexpectedly from transparency, to prismatic refraction, to mirror reflection. The glass and steel construction playing with the sunlight harmonize with the crystalline glass architecture of the new Library.

Additional Information

Location: Manhattan Beach, CA (2015) Fabrication: Jim Gallucci-steel, US Armor-glass panels Materials: Prismatic film, glass, steel Client: The City of Manhattan Beach Size: 14’ diameter Budget: $130,000 For more please visit