Light-calligraphy and Dance - CODAworx

Light-calligraphy and Dance

Submitted by Julien Breton


Location: Nantes, France

Completion date: 2016

Project Team


Julien Breton


David Gallard


This light calligraphy are realized in live during a show on stage. The Cie “Turn off the light” works on the link between Dance, music and calligraphy. All this picture are from the live show.


6 persons in the Cie : Calligrapher : Julien Breton - Dj : Dj One Up - Dance : Stéphanie Naud and Razy Essid - Photographer : David Gallard - Technical director : Vincent Potreau

Additional Information

We will be in Lebanon, Kowet, UAE and Qatar for a tour in september/October