Liberation - CODAworx



Location: Los Angeles, CA, United States

Completion date: 2020

Project Team


Joseph Paul Gerges


Judson Studios


“Liberation” by Joseph Paul Gerges, 64” x 41”, Fused Glass, Lead, 2020. Gerges came to us with a finished design with the intention of producing it in glass, and after a series of meetings discussing the capabilities of the medium it was agreed that the project would be best served as a residency. This piece is the culmination of that nearly 1 year residency at our fused glass studio. Gerges worked closely with our master painter, and with our fused glass artisans, to gain a thorough understanding of the medium. The head of the stag, for example, went through more than a dozen iterations before Gerges was satisfied with the outcome. This residency pushed the capabilities and techniques of our staff to create this truly unique work, and we couldn’t be happier to have been a part of it.


From the artist: "Although this piece has a very autobiographic home base for me, I think pain has this overarching narrative that effects all human beings alike. The [Hokusai Wave] is about the ominous force of all the things that weight us down as human beings. We're going through this huge transition in the world we live in, and I think it's emblematic of that in so many ways. We are always navigating the trials and tribulations in the life that we live, always pushing against them so that one day we feel like we're pushing past our fears and limitations. Literally and figuratively loosing the bonds that hold us back. The skull is representative of the past and the things we want to leave behind, and I want us to be able to identify with the stag as a metaphor for all of us as human beings.