Leuth Skatepark Mural - CODAworx

Leuth Skatepark Mural

Submitted by Cameron King

Client: The City of La Crosse

Location: La Crosse, WI, United States

Completion date: 2019

Artwork budget: $15,000

Project Team


Jacqueline Marcou

City of La Crosse


Rob Mini


Landon Sheely


Joshua Doster


Chase Gentry


5 La Crosse Artists Transform Local Skatepark. We each had a section of the park we were to focus on and design for, and ultimately paint! We also had our own color palettes to work within, mine was green. The portion of the park I was responsible for was a 20- foot funbox feature with a lower ledge, and a hubba ledge on top. The funbox is one of the most versatile and used features in a skatepark, making it the most fun and hence the name. I wanted to design something bold and recognizable, a joyous testament to the individuality and creativity that is bred in this particular environment. Something that would last and could be skated forever without losing meaning .


Leuth Park had undergone a recent update structurally making it much more skateable, and also came with the addition of a new Pump Track. The city’s contribution to improving the park didn’t just stop there, they decided to integrate the local art community into the park revamp by commissioning multiple murals! Art and skateboarding have always gone hand in hand, so fostering that relationship in the local community I think was the goal here and I think we did that.