Leaf TsingHua - CODAworx

Leaf TsingHua

Client: TsinHua University

Location: Hsinchu, Taiwan

Completion date: 2017

Artwork budget: $620

Project Team

Public Art Agent

Alfonzo Chou

Industry Resource

Tinin Quintin

Curvados Quintin


This sculpture is born from a project purpose. Create a sculpture based on a plant element, a tree leaf, already existing in the place.
In this way, a strong bond of emotional and conceptual belonging is established.
A walk through the place served to “live” the space, to “feel” what interaction was to occur between the site and the sculpture, to establish project bases such as size, space occupation, sense, orientation And character. Steel 8 Tons.


- Get an efficient milestone that integrates with the existing architecture, the characteristics of the place and the use of the human being.
- Search of prestige, a piece of contemporary art, capable of arousing pride of belonging to a campus. This sculpture has to project majesty and beauty in an appropriate tone.
- To become an icon in which the University can recognize itself.
- Establish a powerful link with nature and life - Human proximity. Sculpture as a place, looking for human experience.
- Positive sense, the dynamism of the piece should evoke positive vital values.
- Technical advice. It is a sculpture with great difficulty of realization. It must be a testimony to the current technological capacity.
- it wants a great connection with the place and its personality. To this end, the human interaction, the transparency and the expressive possibilities of the projected shadows, of the light in general, have been taken care of.


It has been a long and complex process where we have had to meet multiple requirements. The place was protected by the department of ground and waters of the government which required special studies. The communication with the client, the university, was carried out punctually almost daily, the project has been overwhelmed at all times and has been much loved. Several lectures and classes have been held with University students as well as a large exhibition at the Campus Art Center. My usual suppliers, my team has been as usual exquisite. The translation team and the project manager has been essential to maintain a fluid communication and for the success of artwork.

Additional Information

A tree leaf was collectedf. It is a recognition towards the place, it is a homage to nature and an expression of respect towards the site. The leaf in this way is perpetuated in an attempt at full significance. This simple element becomes a milestone that organizes the space and greets the visitor in this entrance of the Campus. It is an element of protection, an umbrella, a shield, a door and also evokes multiple appearances. It was born with the vocation of being a living element that travels in time, full of meanings and very close to the human being.