Lapse - CODAworx


Client: Miami Dade Art in Public Places, Ivan Depena

Location: Miami, FL, United States

Completion date: 2016

Artwork budget: $74,988

Project Team

Industry Resource

Chris Nunes

Heavy Projects

Industry Resource

BC Biermann

Heavy Projects


Ivan Depena

Public Art Agent

Amanda Sanfilippo

Miami Dade Art in Public Places


Lapse is a 5-site installation piece by artist Ivan Depena, from a grant through Miami Dade County Art in Public Places and The Knight Foundation. HEAVY was engaged to provide mobile app and augmented reality artist services.


The artist had previously installed a sculpture for Art in Public Places, which was one of the augmented experiences we created. We also augmented 4 other installations, with sound and visuals to create a 5 station story told across the city of Miami.


We had significant coordination with MD Art in Public Places, as well as fulfilling the artist's vision for the project. The artist had provided a fully spec'ed graphic for each of the 5 installations, which we had to successfully bring to life. Art in Public Places was significantly involved in user testing and feedback on problems/solutions/etc.

Additional Information

Due to technological limitations that are inherent in today's devices, we weren't able to achieve an exact replica of what the artist had envisioned, which we disclosed at the outset of the project. We are continuing to provide updates to the app and as the technology improves, we will improve the art experience.