Kite Festival - CODAworx

Kite Festival

Submitted by Kevin Robb Studios

Client: United Properties

Location: Cenntential, CO, United States

Completion date: 2018

Artwork budget: $150,000

Project Team


Kevin Robb

Kevin Robb Studios

Industry Resource

Nick Geurts, M.S., P.E.


” Kite Festival” is a delightful addition to the roundabout in the Inova Development in Centennial, CO. The light and airy circular sculpture features different solid and perforated elements between four anchor poles juxtaposed in a random manner to yield unique dimension and create a festival feel of gathering and an uplifting experience. It is enjoyed by motorists driving through the development as well as guests and employees in the nearby office buildings. This aluminum sculpture stands at a little over 12 feet in height and is 136 feet in circumference.


The main goal of this project was to create an iconic sculpture in a roundabout in the center of a very busy business park. The design needed to be simple enough for the motorists driving around it to enjoy it at a glance and yet not distract as a driving hazard. The sculpture also needed to be of a size and complexity to enhance the beauty of the business park from afar. Numerous offices look down upon the roundabout so thus the sculpture needed enough dimension to be of interest from that angle as well. The roundabout housed all utilities underground so any anchoring had to work around the utilities as well as open enough for work crews to access the utilities as needed.


The first step was understanding the physical requirements by the developer of the roundabout as well as his artistic bend. We then needed to determine where any anchoring could possibly be, and Kevin went to work designing and creating. After a design was accepted by the developer the engineer questioned the stability of the design and suggested different sized material and joints. This changed the feel of the sculpture so Kevin went back, redefined the design and once more the developer approved. Finally, the developer, the artist and the engineer were pleased and the construction began!

Additional Information

The sculpture has received raving reviews and the developer has returned for another project.