Sunset Reflections - CODAworx

Sunset Reflections

Submitted by Tim Harding

Client: Kaiser Permanente

Location: Los Angeles, CA, United States

Completion date: 2013

Project Team


Tim Harding

Harding Design Studio

Art Consultant

Jane Thompson

J.D.Thompson & Associates


This is a large silk, tapestry-like wall hanging commissioned for the end wall of a large lobby space at the Kaiser Permanente Medical Center in Los Angeles. It is a 107 x 94 inch (70 square feet) reverse-applique quilted piece done in a color palette determined by the art selection committee in consultation with the artist and art consultant to compliment other color features in the overall design.


This abstract Colorfield textile design was chosen for its rich, iridescent color and contemporary, painterly composition. The horizontal, linear patterning of the lustrous silks created a subtle impressionistic illusion to shimmering reflections on the surface of water. The textural quality of the fabric gives it a sense of intimacy, like that of a favorite quilt. Altogether, the rich color, texture, and composition, made in this unique process were intended to create a warm, peaceful, comforting, and intimate visual experience. An added benefit of a textile like this is the acoustic dampening it provides in an large architectural space of hard, smooth surfaces.


An art selection committee at Kaiser worked closely with the art consultant, Jane Thompson, who presented the artist's work in numerous meetings. The architects and designers of the space had input on the art selections. Ms Thompson collaborated with the artist in the design process leading up to a detailed project proposal.