JSW Corporate HQ Interiors - CODAworx

JSW Corporate HQ Interiors

Submitted by INI Design Studio

Client: Jindal Steel Works

Location: Mumbai, India

Completion date: 2014

Artwork budget: $1,505,500

Project Team


Nikul Shah

INI Design Studio


Jindal Steel Works


The corporate headquarters of the company accommodates approximately 1600 employees contained within 660 workstations and 123 cabins that are stacked through the middle floors of the building. It also houses a 102-seater auditorium, a 200-seater cafeteria, a state-of-the-art business centre with 12 meeting rooms and a conference room, and a parking space for around 275 cars in the lower levels; whereas the high-end executive floors occupy the top levels with beautifully landscaped and sunlit terraces.


Being renowned patrons and connoisseurs of art in India, the client’s brief was that “Art is the life and soul of any corporate environment, Art not only breaks the monotony of our surroundings, and it also lends color and dimension to life. We would like users to understand the aesthetics of art and its various interpretations and promote art in a big way through this project”


The proposed Design infuses the art installations as the soul of the design. Simple and modern, minimal gestures with minimalist detailing define the boundaries between public and work spaces demarcating volumes within. Designed for those who truly appreciate craft ship and subtle distinctions, the Workplace exquisitely interweaves art and creativity in its realm without contradicting the . The space houses various installations by renowned artists, such as the ‘Hex-Hex’, a multifaceted luminous steel helix by Anish Kapoor and ‘Someone Else’, a library of 100 books made of steel written anonymously or under pseudonyms by Shilpa Gupta, along with works of many other established contemporary artists such as S H Raza, Krishen Khanna, Nilima Sheikh etc. The creative design of the JSW Centre has embodied a unique identity for the company that enhances the effectiveness of the workplace and also composes itself as a strong marketing and recruiting tool. Consistently resonating with the values of sustainable spaces through use of technological advancement and building management systems, the Centre delineates an energy efficient, responsive, safe and secure approach.

Additional Information

The Headquarters Building’s Interior addresses commitment for creating a transparent and collaborative work culture and reinforces the organizations youthful and creative image. The new Executive office spaces have imbued JSW employees and visitors with a deep sense of pride and joy to work and experience such an inspirational environmental. The open office has become the workspace for employees that share the company’s progressive values and aggressive ambitions as the JSW emerges onto global platform.