Joan’s Pink Lady 1 and 2 - CODAworx

Joan’s Pink Lady 1 and 2

Submitted by Lori Mason

Client: Sheila Samos

Location: Paget, Bermuda

Completion date: 2011

Artwork budget: $1,600

Project Team


Lori Mason

Lori Mason Design


Nancy Stovall


“Joan's Pink Lady 1 & 2” are a set of 2 memorial wall quilts made for two sisters. They honor the life of the sisters' mother, Joan, and are made from carefully selected collections of Joan's clothing.


Sheila, Joan's daughter, wanted sister quilts made which incorporated Joan's "Pink Lady" uniform that she wore during years of volunteering at her local hospital in Bermuda. It was important to her that they related visually with one another since they were meant for her and her sister.


Sheila sent me two separate sets of her mother's clothing, one earmarked for her quilt, and one for her sister, Rosemarie. The design elements we chose to keep the quilts related were the quilt pattern itself and the incorporation of Joan's pink hospital uniform. Sheila had this to say about their experience through the process: “After Mum passed away in 2011, my sister Rosemarie and I were having a rough time removing her clothes from the family home. A little overwhelmed with the selection of garments to be used for both my sister's quilt and mine, another friend went through Mum's clothes, making a pile for each. Both featured a central portion using our mother's Pink Lady uniform, which she proudly wore for over 30 years while doing volunteer work at our Bermuda hospital. Lori has deftly woven together fragments that reassemble the "stuff" of Joan's life, spinning her stories…helping us move forward with courage, hope and inspiration. I see my quilt everyday and enjoy the warm, wonderful memories it conjures up.”