Jet Stream - CODAworx

Jet Stream

Submitted by Sirvet Studios LLC

Client: Maryland national capital park and planning commission

Location: College Park, MD, United States

Completion date: 2021

Artwork budget: $90,000

Project Team


Michael Enn Sirvet

Sirvet Studios LLC


Kelco Industrial

Kelco Industrial


Jet Stream is a 96-foot-long installation in aluminum located at the historic College Park Airport in College Park, Maryland. It falls into my River-series of wall mounted works, but was adapted to resemble the atmospheric Jet Stream due to the Jet streams significance in aviation.

The ability to create a wall sculpture that could be viewed from both back and front was exciting to me. That feature in many ways makes the two-dimensional artwork three-dimensional. My work typically plays with shadow and negative space, so this piece fits nicely in my catalog.


The intent of this artwork was to link, both literally and figuratively, the airport to the aviation museum which are both at the site and are connected by the cover walkway were this 96-foot installation was placed. Atmospheric jet streams are phenomena that must be dealt with in aviation on a technical level in everyday operations, and there is a plaque to allow for a teaching moment regarding jets streams at the museum from which one can view the artwork.