Jack Rabbit Jumps the Love Ball - CODAworx

Jack Rabbit Jumps the Love Ball

Client: El Paso Museum and Cultural Arts department

Location: El Paso, TX, United States

Completion date: 2020

Artwork budget: $79,000

Project Team


Michael Stutz


Public Art project manager

Miriam Garcia



Jackrabbit Jumps the Love Ball, features a native animal, that is common to the Bartlett park setting. Presenting it at a bigger than life scale, makes it an iconic talisman for the area. It emphasizes the positive benefits of an active life, where exercise leads one to greater energy, endurance, and speed.
El Paso Is a border city which exemplifies the social forces at play in today’s global economy. While some may want to build walls to keep people out, Jackrabbit jumps a ball that says “Love” on one side and “Amor” on the other. In a town that is both Mexican and American- the sculpture celebrates the sharing of culture that makes El Paso such a rich place.


The artist safety integrated into the playground setting of the sculpture. By making sure this Silicon Bronze and Stainless steel project is robust and easily accessed by neighborhood children. He wanted a work that is both playful and meaningful


The initial site visit for the project was very unique, in that members of the community talked about the park and their goals for the art while on site. This personal experience brought great energy to the conceptual phase of the design process.