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Izobrulo Polylight HeartHug interactive installation

Submitted by ilya sobol

Client: Luminartz, Illuminus Boston

Location: Boston, Scottsdale, , MA, United States

Completion date: 2018

Project Team


ilya sobol






illuminus boston

illuminus boston


HeartHug is a celebration of the embrace, it is a visualization of a hug between two or more people, broadcasted for all to see. When two or more spectators hug beneath the sculpture, the heart lights up. If one person stands, only half of HeartHug shines.


This work was comissioned by Luminartz non-profit for the Boston Illuminus festival. The goal was to transform the public city space in to place with strong soul of unity and love. That was our social experiment in hug generating design. During the whole event our installation forced to hug around 3000 people.


That was illuminus open call through which we've been selected. Originally we proposed set of different locations to place the piece, but as it works best when hanged, the originaly submitted place was used. To design such pieces we have developed our own technology called Polylight that enables us to fabricate any shape and size polygonal LED objects. They might be interactive as well as just standalone light objects. Core of this technology is automated joints generating software that converts any 3d model in to set of tubes lengthes and joints. Joints than 3d printed and led tubes are manually fabricated. For hug sense we used camera motion recognition technology, but it worked out very bed so we switched to manual mode. Now we are in next phase of research and development of neural network that should recognize motion more precise.

Additional Information

polylight.izobrulo.ru/en Dimensions: 3,5 meters by 3,5 meters. Materials: addressable LED tubes, 3D printed joints Interactivity: Video recognition mode and manual mode