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IRCHSC Mother’s Day Garden of Love – 1000 Lavender Tulip Pinwheels

Submitted by Paper Arboretum

Client: Indian River County Healthy Start Coalition

Location: Vero Beach, FL, United States

Completion date: 2022

Artwork budget: $4,000

Project Team

Artist and Maker

Jeroyn Crute Sackman

Paper Arboretum


Indian River County Healthy Start Coalition

Indian River County Healthy Start Coalition


1000 Lavender Tulip Pinwheels were created for an outdoor installation for the IRCHSC (Indian River County Healthy Start Coalition).
• Pinwheel design by the artist
• Each pinwheel was hand assembled by the artist and her assistants
• Art was printed on waterproof polyester paper- Suitable for outdoor and indoor use
• Pinwheel dimensions approximately 5″W x 30″ H x 5″D
• 24″ wood stick with felt end to insert in pinwheel head
• White washed wood bead cap on top end of while washed dowel as spindle for the tulip pinwheel head
• Tulip pinwheel “heads” and sticks were shipped separately to save on shipping
• Installation was organized by the client


The IRCHSC Mother's Day Garden of Love is an annual one week event to celebrate and commemorate the mothers and families who use the facilities for support during prenatal care, childbirth and early childhood education. The lavender tulip is the logo for the non-profit organization which was the theme of the installation.


One of the board members for the IRCHSC messaged me through my Paper Arboretum store on Etsy. The initial request was to create a template for volunteers to make the pinwheels, however, once learning their budget I offered to design and make the pinwheels.

Communication with a couple of board members and staff with final approval by the director was via Etsy messaging and email.

The contacting board member sent me pictures of a rough template for the general shape of pinwheel they were hoping for along with guidance for color of the pinwheels. Because we only had 2 months to complete the project before installation in mid-April artist began designing the pinwheel before all the details were decided to allow for time for their group to go through their approval process for the pinwheel design.

Additional Information

The pinwheels were made at cost so that I could use this experience for future installations. Although the budget was $4000, the actual value of the installation was $16,000.