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IPIC – 4th & 5th Delray

Submitted by Jones Sign

Client: Anyonymous

Location: Delray Beach, FL, United States

Completion date: 2019

Project Team

Fabricated, Installed

Jones Sign


ID & Design International


Jones Sign began this project by creating a 3D model and an engineering solution to be able to fabricate and install the decorative building aluminum panel system and the RGBA lighting system. Installers worked around obstacles including lane closures, public space, and compressed site conditions. This project is an excellent example of turning a designer’s concept into reality.


The goal was to take the designer's concept of the facade pattern and incorporated it into the building structure with integrated RGBA color-changing lighting. This integration was the keystone of the entire project.


Jones Sign collaborated with the client to make sure the design intent worked within their budget and created a means of how to make a rendering come to life. Jones Sign had multiple team members who worked on this project for months to make it successful.

Additional Information

The RGBA lighting system at IPIC is composed of 140 Colorist 12Qa fixtures mounted at the top and bottom of the wall facade surrounding the building. Each fixture consists of 12 quad-color RGBA 15 watt LEDs which can be controlled via computer software. There are 1,680 points of control through the entire system. Each LED RGBA pixel can produce 4,228,250,625‬ different color variations and each pixel can be controlled individually. This hardware and software solution allows IPIC to create stunning lighting effects on the exterior of the building. An RGBA fixture consisting of red, green, blue, and amber LED's expands the available range of colors to include warmer tones such as rich gold, yellow, and orange shades. The fourth channel enables the creation of the color amber, which is a color that is impossible to achieve via color mixing of RGB channels alone.