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INTERSECTIONS, Homage to First Responders

Client: Hero Center Training Facility, City of Cottage Grove & City of Woodbury, MN

Location: Cottage Grove, MN, United States

Completion date: 2019

Artwork budget: $149,999

Project Team

Graphics Art Screen Wall

Mary Willey

Mary Willey Design

Art Screen Wall

Guy Willey

Guy Willey Design


A large-scale abstract sculpture combines with an over life-size bronze eagle to create a powerful visual metaphor, homage to the aspirations of first responders. The sculpture depicts the intersection of three large rings, symbolizing the three agencies of service: Police Officers, Fire Fighters, and Emergency Medical Responders. It is a lyrical composition comprised of positive and negative intervals, balanced and full of movement. At the top of the rings a soaring eagle hovers. The eagle is an enduring symbol of valor and patriotism reflective of the commitment to service that first responders dedicate themselves to.

The Patio Screen Wall Artwork consists of select words taken from the Oath of Honor for each of the agencies of service: Police Officers, Fire Fighters, and Emergency Medical Responders. These words are incorporated into decorative panels consisting of a repeating star pattern.


The goals for integrating the artwork with this state of the art training facility

Reflect the facility’s mission symbolically
Recognizable or understandable symbolism
Focus equally on Police/Fire/EMS
Embody the spirit of collaboration between neighboring communities.
Be gender neutral or gender equal

Facility Mission:
The two cities desire to commission, design, and construct art which will enhance the facility’s mission to be a multi-use public safety training center where Cottage Grove and Woodbury, member communities, and customer agencies share resources for pre-employment, continuing education, and in-service training for law enforcement officers, fire fighters, and emergency medical service providers.


The art committee played an important role in selecting the theme for the artwork. The entrance sculpture is a combination of several ideas proposed by the artist. The artist and committee collaborated on word choices and placement of text for the patio screen wall , depicting the Oath of Honor for the agencies of service.