Infinity - CODAworx


Submitted by EPIGRAM

Client: SmithgroupJJR

Location: Washington DC, DC, United States

Completion date: 2019

Project Team

Lead Artist

julieta guillermet


Lead Artist

Hector Montalvo



Named after the phenomenon in which simulation of one sensory pathway elicits another sensory experience, Synesthesia is an abstract representation of how music travels through space. It uses sounds and colors to connect with participants, allowing them to simultaneously generate involuntary emotions and reactions. This installation celebrates the manifestation of sensory feelings and aspires to create an ambiance of diverse perceptions. The installation is 60ft long and each module is 8×8 ft. The structure is wood and the light fixtures are LED lights metal sensors.


This project was a commissioned artwork by Baltimore Light City.


This project combined multiple talents that collaborated together from different states and countries, combining sculptural design, light design and music design. The team was able to coordinated all the different components of this immersive design experience remotly and brought all of it toghether for construction.

Additional Information

The 3 elements to the sculpture will also provide three differing experiences for the user. And, since the three elements to the sculpture will be installed relatively close to one another, the viewer outside the structures will experience a symphony of light and sound.