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In Bloom: An Ode to Vancouver

Submitted by Ilya Viryachev

Client: Mount Pleasant BIA and City of Vancouver

Location: Vancouver, BC, Canada

Completion date: 2016

Artwork budget: $6,000

Project Team


Ilya Viryachev


Nathan Pope

City of Vancouver


Charmaine Carpenter

Mount Pleasant BIA


Lynn Warwick

Mount Pleasant BIA


This was a 100 foot wide mural created in collaboration with the Mount Pleasant BIA and the City of Vancouver. It is 16 feet high on the left side, and gets to 19 feet on the right.


This piece was commissioned in order to clean up a busy, yet dirty alleyway, and to bring more street art to Vancouver. It was important to bring in a local artist who knew the city and could create something inspired by the surroundings in order for the passers-by to relate to it.


The original design was inspired by the beauty of Vancouver in Spring time when all the trees are blooming, and the sky is a rich, clear blue. The artist showed the rough design to both City of Vancouver and Mount Pleasant BIA in order to get approval on the idea, and after taught a two hour course on approach to murals for the local youth group at the Mount Pleasant Community Centre. With the group they added an extra piece to the design - chickadees that would represent the youth. Once the design was finished and approved, the artist started working on the mural and had the youth group come out a number of times to help with painting.

Additional Information

It was a really great working with both the city and the BIA, and I hope we can create more of such projects in the city, especially involving the youth.