Immerse - CODAworx

Client: Sound Transit

Location: Seatac, WA, United States

Completion date: 2016

Artwork budget: $280,000

Project Team


Jill Anholt

Jill Anholt Studio


Sound Transit


Artwork was integrated into an exterior plaza staircase in a new LRT Station. Intention was to create a work that could be experienced from multiple perspectives in different ways: from the platform above, from the pedestrian plaza and from the parking lot below. Immerse celebrates the dynamism of a falling raindrop dispersing its energy into a pool of water. The sculpture is an abstraction of that moment, emphasizing both the power and delicacy of water in motion


This work attempted to bring physical form to a moment which is ubiquitous but unnoticed in the lives of all of us who live in the Pacific Northwest. The desire was to integrate a work into a location in the project which would be highly visible and impactful but would not create an obstacle to pedestrian movement through the plaza. By integrating the work directly into the grand staircase in the plaza, both goals were achieved.


The artist was brought onto the project at the very beginning and was able to have a very important role in determining the conceptual themes and direction for the overall project. On-going collaboration occurred between the project team, the transportation agency, the fabricator and the artist throughout the project.

Additional Information

The project casts dynamic shadows onto the floor of the parking garage below during the day and at night is lit with LEDs that allow it to shimmer and glow like a beacon within the plaza.