Illumination of the Sacred Forms - CODAworx

Illumination of the Sacred Forms

Submitted by Bynum Studio

Client: Hudson Valley Center for Contemporary Art

Location: Westchester, NY, United States

Completion date: 2017

Artwork budget: $25,000

Project Team


Jeremy Gratt

Modular Informatics Sound Design


Pablo Correa


Peter Bynum


An art museum in New York wanted an installation that expressed the theme of universal human rights and its support of the local Latino immigrant community. I created a Chapel in the museum: an installation of large, illuminated paintings that express the interconnectedness of all life. The sounds of a Tibetan healing bowl and a sleeping platform add to the healing environment and create sanctuary. Dim: 40' x 40 '. Materials: Wood, illuminated paintings, audio system.


Project had to integrate with the museum's larger theme of "Between I & Thou," which is about our relationship with God. Goal was to create a Sanctuary that expresses the forms and rhythms of the living universe, and brings us into an intimate relationship with our Oneness, regardless of race, nationality, zipcode or gender.


I worked with the museum director and staff to design an exhibition that would feel like a sanctuary and haven. The museum introduced me to sound designers and video projection experts that helped create an immersive environment, separate from the rest of the museum exhibits.

Additional Information

"Peter Bynum's ethereal, light-infused paintings bring us into an intimate relationship with nature," says museum director Livia Straus. "Floating on multiple layers of glass, biomorphic forms spread, pool and flow. We are visually swimming in the paint and the light. Everyone who enters the room immediately feels a sense of peace, calm and reverence."