Icosahedral Sky - CODAworx

Icosahedral Sky

Client: British Land

Location: London, United Kingdom

Completion date: 2018

Artwork budget: $325,000

Project Team


Juliette Morgan

British Land


Mike Harrison

White Wing Logic


A specialist lighting artwork reminiscent of an illusionistic renaissance quadratura recreating the external environment within the lobby. Suspended across the double height space is a field of bespoke hemispherical reflectors with their internal animations driven by current weather conditions. The combined affect is a live 21st Century trompe l’œil rendering of the sky outside. Icosahedral Sky takes its name from the 20 sided shape which was used to design the interior surface of each reflector hemisphere. Every side and edge of an icosahedron is equal meaning it can be subdivided many times to create a highly reflective, multifaceted texture.


Jason Bruges Studio were commissioned by British Land to create a media/light artwork that would enhance the quality of 2 Kingdom Street lobby and improve the visitor experience. The aim was to increase the sense of permeability to encourage passersby to step inside. British Land wanted the lobby to become a welcoming social place, somewhere people linger to work or socialise rather than just pass through. The artwork endeavours to bring the dynamic character of weather conditions into the lobby. Jason Bruges Studio have devised a system that can produce a complex array of different lightscapes. The result is a vibrant lobby that evokes a public piazza, where people can be immersed in beautiful qualities of light.


Jason Bruges Studio delivered a turn-key service, managing the entire project from concept through fabrication to installation. They worked closely with British Land to discover the most appropriate concept, one that would speak to their brand ethos while also providing something a bit magical. JBS worked with engineering consultants and fabricators with whom they have long-standing relationships. They relied on collaborations built on trust and regular communication to ensure a fluid project process and timely delivery.