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I n s i d e – beyond the noise

Submitted by Brani & Desi

Client: Family

Location: Sofia, Bulgaria

Completion date: 2015

Project Team

Interior Designer

Branimira Ivanova

Brani & Desi

Interior Designer

Desislava Ivanova

Brani & Desi


“i n s i d e – beyond the noise” is а room for a college girl who studies Illustration & Graphics. The reason to study this discipline is the love she feels to the art of the contemporary illustrators. She would like to combine her another passion philosophy and art together. Her room represents the inner self. Everything inside is open and visible for the eyes, even the wardrobe is without doors.


Every form and color here is a sound in the whole. Beyond the musical composition is the silence of the inside, where the time stops. The process of observing the space from the silence is a creative inner communication - beyond the noise of the thoughts of the mind.


The inspiration for the project is the inner world which the observer feels and sees in the artworks of the girl’s favorite illustrator Lilia Haralampieva, who says "The inspiration behind my artworks begins with my love for nature, fairy tales, dreams and most of all with the scenes in my inner world. They are a reflection of my emotions, insights, spiritual quest and experience. Painting is my favorite vehicle, my way to share myself and to give life of what lives inside me."

Additional Information

The room is in light blue – the color of true. There are a variety of forms for the different zones. The dominated acute shapes in the zone of the bedroom provides a feeling of warmth, and the rectangle shapes in the work zone - feeling of comfort. Somewhere the shapes are intertwined one within another and to be balanced, they have been filled with similar colors.