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Hotel Indigo Vinings

Client: Valor Hospitality

Location: Vinings, GA, United States

Completion date: 2016

Project Team

Art Consultant

Kristen Rolando

Art Initiative

Art Consultant

Kimberley Campbell

Art Initiative


Art Initiative worked with an Atlanta design team to bring The Hotel Indigo’s unique “neighborhood story” concept to a recent renovation in Vinings,Georgia, an area rich with history and inherent beauty. The Southern porch architecture, the Chattahoochee River and the folk artist Nellie Mae Rowe all come together in a way that could only be Vinings, Georgia.


One of the most important aspects of working on any Hotel Indigo project is to capture the sense of place, and what makes the area of the hotel unique. We were gifted with an area rich with history in Vinings,a suburb of Atlanta. More importantly, the site of the hotel was the former home site of the renowned folk artist Nellie Mae Rowe. The designer was integral in making sure that the story of this important artist was told in both an entertaining and engaging way for the guests of the hotel. With the help of the representatives from Nellie Mae Rowe's estate, we were able to create an incredible homage through photographs of the artist, as well as an original piece of her important work in a gallery wall dedicated to her artwork and her personal story.


The design team was critical to the success of the mural and imagery program. They came to us with fantastic ideas like the braying mule mural in the bar that would ultimately be hand-painted by an Atlanta artist with roots in street art. The team made terrific choices throughout the process, and it really shows in the final selection.

Additional Information

We were so proud to have worked with Barbara Archer and folk artist Nellie Mae Rowe's Estate. They were incredibly generous with their time and care, and we could not have created the gallery in her honor without their support and cooperation.