Hot Type in a Cold Setting - CODAworx

Hot Type in a Cold Setting

Submitted by Mary Gibbons


Location: Jukkasjarvi, Sweden

Completion date: 2015

Project Team

Art Consultant


Greenwich Harbor Arts


John Bark & Charli Kassebacks



Jack Davanzo


ICEHOTEL is located 160 miles north of the Arctic Circle in Northern Sweden. It is constructed completely out of ice and snow. This ice suite is a commemoration to the art of printmaking, at the same time a play on the words “Hot Type” and “Cold Setting” used in traditional printing technique and a reminder of a craft that has much been taken over by the digital world. It is one of 15 “Art Suites” in ICEHOTEL 2015.


ICEHOTEL is an annual project of constructing an hotel entirely out of ice and snow. Artists from around the world compete to design and build Art Suites which are approximately 800 sq. ft. each. Commissioning international artists brings flavor and texture to each ICEHOTEL. Ice and snow are uncommon mediums for the majority of these artists. Hot Type in a Cold Setting brings a wonderful contrast of permanent letters/font in a space that will melt back into the river. This is the essence of ICEHOTEL design theory!


Each spring ICEHOTEL sends out application invitations. Arne Bergh, Creative Art Director and Jens Thoms Invarsson, Director of Design are part of the team that chooses the artists each year. John Bark and Charli Kassebacks are the designers and builders of Hot Type in a Cold Setting with the help of the support team. Paulina Holmgren and Jack Davanzo are the photographers. Mary Gibbons is the submitting writer.

Additional Information

There is something magical about site specific art and art projects. Using the written word, something we think of as such a permanent design in a project that will melt is a brilliant concept. I applaud John Bark and Charli Kassebacks for their vision and ICEHOTEL for selecting this whimsical design as part of the 25th Anniversary ICEHOTEL.