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Horses Run

Submitted by Sona Mirzaei

Client: Jerry Habel Residence

Location: Palm Springs, CA, United States

Completion date: 2015

Artwork budget: $12,000

Project Team


Sona Mirzaei

SFA Design


Private Residence


The mansion home that I had to design with several original selected paintings to fit within the theme of Palm Springs, also to bring in the back drop of the mountains was a challenge. It's a 7500 square foot property and all of it had to be curated and in a harmonic style to this desert zen quality. The owner wanted to make sure it was a California theme, so I ensured that the hues, imagery, and details worked in harmony with the interior designer.


The goals were pretty straightforward, simple, elegant, colorful and that would attract many people to his lifestyle. I brought over 20 paintings in all scales, dimensions, hues, etc. to help bring his imagination to view and make sure that it was his overall vision too. When I work with clients what they want and think are very important. They are the ones that have to be in the space longer than I do, so that is integral to my working process. I make them believe in what they want and to boost their confidence and wrap it with a bow and present that's makes them awe. As much as I am in control, their vision has to be as one with mine.


In this scenario, the client has the final say, we both artist, designer, work in total teamwork to bring out the initial thought process and bring his dream to reality. Either we stage together and develop color theories that can work, or we work around each other like we did in this project. It's like a dance, I place a painting, then they place the sofa, pillows, mirrors, etc. If I don't like it, vice versa then will keep making it perfect until we are happy. We later present it to the client lastly and he loved it.

Additional Information

Lighting is very important to bring out the aesthetics of everything and the backdrop of the mountains cascading down creates a shadow, so we taken advantage and used the brightest colors to work with the earth tone hues.