Hope - CODAworx


Submitted by Margaret Cusack

Client: Hope Davis

Location: Brooklyn, usa

Completion date: 2011

Artwork budget: $5,000

Project Team


Margaret Cusack

Margaret Cusack


Frank Cusack

Margaret Cusack


“Hope” is an 18″ x 15″ appliquéd portrait of actress, Hope Davis. I have always admired her work as an actress and a community-minded neighbor. In her honor and with her permission, I created this portrait.


With her permission, I created this portrait of Hope Davis. I showed her my initial drawing and she was supportive of my work.


Collaboration: Frank Cusack photographed the actress, Hope Davis. I was able to seek out additional photographs from other sources. The artwork’s frame was created by K/C Art Store in Brooklyn, New York.

Additional Information

To me, the metallic fabrics and unusual textures create an almost Madonna-like quality to this artwork.