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Art Complex Landscape Design

Client: JAYJAY and designTECH

Location: Sacramento, CA, United States

Completion date: 2013

Artwork budget: $160,000

Project Team

Art Consultant

Beth Jones

Beth Jones Art Consultant


Steve Jones



Lynda Jolley and Beth Jones



Corey Parish

Conference Claimants Endowment Board


JAYJAY, a contemporary art gallery, shares hardscape and landscape with a neighboring commercial design firm, designTECH. Their shared parking lot is located in the center of the two buildings. Sculptures “Hitch” and “Virga” (approx 8ft in height) bookend the entrance to the parking lot.


The goals for this project were to aesthetically connect the two buildings, add importance to the parking entry, and integrate the artist's use of corten steel into elements of the parking lot with corten steel planters and parking blocks. It was important to select an artist from JAYJAY's gallery that would enhance the landscaping. Artist, Roger Berry, creates monumental sculptures with corten steel; a material that weathers with age, therefore adding character and uniqueness to each piece.


From the beginning of this process, there was a strong communication and collaboration with the design team, clients, and art consultant to integrate art into the landscaping. Artist, Roger Berry, worked closely with the designers to influence the space, just as the designers were inspired and influenced by the artwork. Through the entire process, the sculptures and the parking lot have been coordinated as one to maximize the success of integration.