Hee Nalu - CODAworx

Hee Nalu

Submitted by Golsana Heshmati

Client: Vivid Sydney

Location: Sydney, Australia

Completion date: 2018

Artwork budget: $85,000

Project Team


Golsana Heshmati



Maria Dautant


Waves are everywhere in nature. Some are visible, some are not. Inspired by waves, this installation invites you to ride an experience that will fill your senses with colors and sounds from the ocean. The piece is formed by two rows of illuminated acrylic columns strategically located to create an undulating passage and fully surround the visitors and imitate the movement of an ocean wave as a person walks through. To emphasize the oceanic atmosphere and create the sense of a wave tunnel, a number of loudspeakers are housed inside the base, positioned along the passage on both sides.


Just as the sea washes our senses with its rhythmic movement, this installation cycles through two distinct scenes, the Calm and the Wave.
During the Calm, the lighting is programmed to create a soft twinkling light effect and the loudspeakers reproduce sounds of calmed water, seagulls and children playing in the beach. When the Wave is triggered, the intensity of the light increases, traveling the length of the passage, while the loudspeakers reproduce the sound of a powerful but fun oceanic wave that immerses visitors for a few seconds.
As these two scenes cycle through the night, the lighting transitions from orange to deep blue to remind us of the colors on the water as the sun sets on the horizon. He’e Nalu wants to take you under a sea of light for a couple of minutes to experience waves in a new and bright way. Stand in the middle and let the wave wash over you or choose your wave and ride it.