Art Hotel - CODAworx

Art Hotel

Submitted by Jared Epps

Client: Dreamspaces Development Limited

Location: Lagos, Nigeria

Completion date: 2014

Project Team

Interior Designer

Jared Sherman Epps


Interior Designer

Emma Lesser



The 3,634 square meter Art Hotel is located in the highly desirable Oniru Estate, on Victoria Island, in Lagos, Nigeria. The hotel is comprised of 43 luxurious guest rooms, each floor exhibiting its own unique color scheme and awe-inspiring theme. The hotel also features a beautiful rooftop cafe and cocktail bar, a rooftop swimming pool, a spa, meeting rooms, and a restaurant.


In designing this space, integrating art work was of the upmost importance because the concept of the entire hotel is that it is an "art hotel." The goal in integrating art work was to be able to highlight and present internationally renowned artists as well as local Nigerian artists in an environment that felt clean, modern, and luxurious. We constantly reminded ourselves during the design process that our main goal was to design a space that truly showcased the art.


One of the most exciting features of this space is that the artwork in the lobby area is not only designed to showcase local artists but also serves as somewhat of a gallery where guests and visitors are able to purchase the pieces of art that are displayed. Because of this feature the design process wasn't catered around one specific artist or genre of art but rather the way that hotel guests are able to interact with the art in general. One of our main priorities was to think of how any piece of art, regardless of the style, could be displayed so that it was most visually appealing.