Hanging Kelp Installatoin - CODAworx

Hanging Kelp Installatoin

Client: Francesco Simeti - Artist

Location: Portland, OR, United States

Completion date: 2019

Project Team


Francesco Simeti


At the newly constructed Gladys McCoy Health Department Headquarters in Portland, OR, Francesco Simeti’s sculptural and custom wallpaper creations are on display.


The suspended kelp welcomes visitors to the new building and guides them down the entry corridor.


The artist's small clay models were used as reference to digitally create these twisting, organic forms. Special joints were engineered into each segment for easy assembly overhead, as well as small holes through which the suspension filament was threaded.

Once 3D printed in a porous acrylic material, the sculptures were painted with an oxidizing iron paint and multiple coats of rust accelerator were thoughtfully applied.