Hanging Garden - CODAworx

Hanging Garden

Submitted by dawn renee

Client: Geers

Location: Palm Desert, CA, United States

Completion date: 2014

Artwork budget: $21,060

Project Team


Dawn Renee

Art Consultant

Nora Helmer

Coda Gallery


Mr. and Mrs. Geers


Daniel Ramirez

Coda Gallery


Working with the gallery Art Consultant, the clients had a challenging space in their home that they felt needed a unique type of artwork. The size of the site measures 12′ x 8′ x 3′ and can be seen from the entry to the home and from the outdoor entertainment area.


I feel that the commissioned work that I create is in essence about complimenting a space that is generally not suited for 2-dimensional work. I consider it an installation of 4-dimensional work, one that in integrated into its environment and allows the viewer to see it from different perspectives as light moves upon the surface of the forms and creates changing shadows. I looked at images of other works of art in the home, particularly the spaces surrounding the site. The glazes that I choose for the suspended vessels complimented the textures and colors found in the home. One of my goals was to bring in the accent of red within the work while avoiding the viewers eye to draw too directly to that aspect of the work.


The clients had previously collected one of my wall sculptures; "Spring Forest" and were pleased with the way the work drew attention to a space in their home as well as creating a transition between rooms. I enjoy working with the Art Consultant, Nora Helmer, as she possesses a distinct intuition of what her client's desire and communicates these details flawlessly. This allows me to confidently create something truly unique that will compliment the client's environment.

Additional Information

The technical aspects of installation sculpture have to be customized to the site and the work. I am very fortunate to work with a talented team including a hardware technician and an art installation specialist. These creative professionals are imperative to a successful experience; my sincere gratitude to Paul (el Matador) and Daniel Ramirez.