Griffin Museum - CODAworx

Griffin Museum

Submitted by Michal Greenboim

Client: The Griffin Museum

Location: winchester, United States

Completion date: 2018

Project Team


Michal Greenboim


Art Consultant

Paula Tognarelli

the Griffin Museum of Photography


18 pieces of artwork each is 26″x 10″(including the frame) 2 images as a diptych -white frame and 1 piece 38″x19″ size with the white frame


This walls part of an installation in the Griffin Museum. the Museum is the old house of Mr. Griffin who donates the house for a museum.


I create photographic diptychs. These photographs were taken as individual images over the years, as daily responses to the world around me as in a visual journal, and later paired. In examining the photographs I realized that I had subconsciously been photographing my childhood.The pictures in front of me held deep memories of curiosity, innocence, and wonder. They were my remembrances, wandering in the backyard, exploring moments like the sound of a tree [or] a bird in the sky.”

Additional Information

“The photographs of Orchard Trail are in their essence a mode of language,” says Paula Tognarelli, executive director of the Griffin Museum of Photography. “In each diptych, there is an exchange by way of harmonic gesture that conveys the intangibles of thought and experience.”